Are there multiple modernities in the world, or only one modernity?

2. Is the experience of modernity invariably beneficial or can it be destructive to an entire society or to individuals within a society? 3. In what ways is the drive towards modernity helping to move Africa forward? In what ways is the drive towards modernity creating additional problems for a continent already facing many other challenges? 4. What is it that observers of developments in Africa have understood or misunderstood about what exactly modernity is?5. Which of the following represents a better pathway to modernity for Africans and why; globalization or glocalization? SELECTION OF ARTICLES 6. Two of the articles you use for the paper are to be selected from the articles assigned for the individual presentations. The third article used for the paper is the following article in the book on reserve for this class in the library:James Ferguson. Global Disconnect: Abjection & The Aftermath of Modernism. In Readings in Modernity in Africa, pages 8-16.7. The two articles you select from the readings assigned for the individual presentation must fit the following criteria:?Both articles must be selected from articles assigned for the individual presentations from November 7 to December 5 2018?Neither article selected can be one that you have been assigned to present individually?Neither article selected can be one presented on the same day as your presentation?Both articles should not have been presented on the same day. Please select from articles presented on different days.?Please note that all the articles assigned for the individual presentations are uploaded on Canvas, or are available in the book Readings in Modernity in Africathat is available on reserve in the library.INSTRUCTIONS1. To get high marks in this assignment, you must do the following: ?Pay close attention to the guidelines in this handout. They will form the basis for grading of this assignment.?Remember that this paper is meant to be a response to questions that have been asked about modernity. You must examine specific arguments about modernity in detail.?Specifically refer to three readings selected as directed above in responding to questions about modernity in Africa. You must also refer to all three articles equally throughout the paper. 2. ORGANIZING YOUR PAPER?Start your paper by indicating what the term modernity means for you broadly.?Next indicate which articles you will be using as a background to your paper (in other words identify the two articles that you will be comparing with James Fergusons article)?Provide a brief summary of each article indicating how modernity is understood in each article before proceeding to a comparison of the articles and to using the articles to respond to a selection of the questions listed above. 3. Students will receive credit for doing the following in their paper:?Concentrating on an analysis of the three readings selected for the paper?Correctly representing information presented in each of the three readings?Correctly citing the arguments developed by the authors of the readings you refer to.?Using concepts mentioned in class for your analysis of the three articles being compared for this paper?Demonstrating differences and similarities between each of the three readings in the way in their presentation of what modernity in Africa is or should be4. Students will lose points for doing the following in their paper:?For failing to highlight similarities and or differences between each of the three readings in the way each presents modernity?For failing to differentiate between different time periods mentioned in the articles you refer to?For failing to distinguish between countries, regions, and ethnic groups mentioned in the articles you refer to?Misrepresenting the positions taken by the authors of the articles you refer to?Using lengthy quotations from the articles to pad the paper?For being considerably longer or shorter than the prescribed length 5. In writing the paper, please use spellcheck. Use your word processor (and not a pen) to make all corrections on the paper. Attach a bibliography indicating any sources used at the end of the paper and providing full documentation on each source. Use 12-point font

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