As we look at the requirements for the final case, you can see that it is not as critical that you deal with the format and spelling and other pieces. It will not be APA style but instead more of a true “plan”.

Instead, you are developing each section of a financial plan. You should write the plan as if you are presenting it to the client. EACH SECTION SHOULD BE FULLY DEVELOPED. Look at each category and you will want to fully explore it. As an example, with insurance talk about ALL insurance. Car, home, health, long term care, supplemental health, disability, life etc. If they have gaps, price out what new ones will cost. Since the wife won’t reach medicare age as quickly as her husband, what are her options and what till it cost?Many students fall short in the gifts, estates, wills etc section. This needs to be RESEARCHED and fully developed. Don’t just do a brief overview, many lose big points in that.Post some of your initial concerns for this paper and lets talk about it! and Scope of Plan(weighting X 5)Statement of Goals(weighting X 2.5)Retirement Needs Analysis(weighting X 12.5)Insurance Needs Analysis(weighting X 12.5)Investment/Savings Analysis(weighting X 12.5)Gifts, Estates, Trusts, Wills Analysis(weighting X 2.5)Modifications to current status(weighting X 12.5)Summary/Plan Recommendations(weighting X 10)

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