Based off the limited information you have on the project you chose – you have several known and unknown risks. In this module you attended the business and globalization of clinical research lecture and we discussed how to approach these types of global projects. Describe how you would manage the following: (40 pts)

a. Disease indication?
b. Patient and Site Selection?
c. Timelines?
d. Communication Plan?3. In this module you learned the key principles of being a project manager. Please describe 2 responsibilities of a project manager. (10 pts)4. Three are multiple tools and techniques you can use to manage the project. Describe at least 5 tools you would use as a project manager? (20 pts)Format your assignment as follows:
Include your name at the top of the page
Number all pages
Remember to review and revise your paper several times to ensure that your final paper is of high quality and there are no grammatical errors. Please use professional language. Do not use slang or colloquialisms.
Submit your paper as an MS Word document
Discussion Problem Two (25 points) As stated in Module 7, timeline tracking is crucial
for a project manager.
A Gantt chart is commonly used to communicate
a project plan and is usually produced after a
detailed and well-planed list of tasks has been
Gantt charts can be easily developed by using
MS Project or Excel (project training links were
included in Module 7 and several resources can
be found on line, including you tube).
The objective of this exercise to develop a Gantt
Please pick a topic of your choice (theres no
right or wrong answer)
Eg: Final Protocol
Eg: First Patient In
Eg: Investigational Product Shipped
Eg: Investigators Meeting
Eg: Monitoring Visit Report Identify the tasks needed to complete the project (minimum of 10 tasks) Identify the time required for each task Identify the sequence
Which tasks must be finished before a following
task can begin?
Which tasks can happen simultaneously?
Which tasks must be completed before each

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