Based primarily on the course readings from Weeks 9-16, what is ONE idea or ideal that is present American Political Thought, and how is it developed (or undermined) in the writings of the thinkers that you have read?

In your answer, you must discuss and compare readings from at least THREE different weeks of the syllabus. Feel free to choose any idea or ideal that you want, provided you can utilize the class readings to discuss it. Some examples of ideas that you could choose (but which you are by no means required to use) include: (1) Equality; (2) the balance between security and liberty; (3) the role/purpose of government; (4) The dangers presented to liberty by government; (5) The necessity of a strong (or weak) government for protection of liberty; (6) the proper role of a citizen toward his/her government and vice-versa; (6) the proper role of the United States in the World, etc. etc. **PLEASE NOTE:** In your answer, your primary objectives should be to: (1) Make a clear, effective argument supported with facts that are cited copiously; and (2) highlight your understanding of the readings and course materials, and to make clear that you have been doing the reading in the class. Your answer MUST be based SOLELY on what you have read in this class. Your usage of outside materials, while not prohibited, should be minimal. In regard to usage of course materials, err on the side of caution in citing too frequently, rather than not citing sufficiently. Please refrain from using direct quotes as much as possible as this is a relatively short paper and quotations arent a substitute for effective argument. Finally, be sure to Answer the Question! Please use the Course Writing Document discussed in class as a guideline for the expectations of your writing. Beyond that, the basic formatting requirements for the paper are: The take-home final exam will be a paper that is 8-10 pages in length, typed, double–spaced, 12–point Times New Roman font, 1 margins, and page numbers in the upper right hand corner. The format for in-text citations of course readings should be as follows: (Author, Document Name, Page #) (e.g. James Madison, Federalist No. 51, 270); the page numbers for course readings materials MUST be those from the PDF version posted on blackboard. The format for footnotes for citing outside sources used should follow standard Chicago style, but if you want to use a different citation style (MLA, etc.), that is fine as long as you do so properly and consistently. A link to the Chicago style guide can be found on the Course Writing Document. Again, limit your usage of outside sources, but if you use them, YOU MUST CITE THEM!

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