Breifly analyze the industry ( because we are gonna anaylyze it later indepth the PASTEL part of the report

) -Analyze past performance ( finnacial statemensts, ratios, liquidity, depth… etc) for 5 years -Talk about the strategic posture ( analyzie the vision, mission and strategy) when doing so you have to mention what it is lacking if its lacking something ( use critical thinking *good or bad*) PART B: (Corporate governance) -Board of directors (look at their CVs and write information about every single person on that board) -Talk about corporate governance in general and how they govern the company -Is the commander using a one or two tire board Internal analysis: (in details) -Structure (one of the 5 structure pick slides which is the company using?) -Talk about its culture (how is it? Is it friendly? Is it not? And so on) -Their resources used (departments are they doing good are they doing not good) – create ( IFAS) External analysis: Part A -Societal-overall -Sociocultural -Economic -Geopolitical legal -technological Part B -Task (industry) overall stage of development -Threat of new entrants and (bargaining power of buyers) -Threat of substitutes (bargaining power of suppliers) Create an External Environment Table (EFAS) -What is the strategy of the company -What is wrong with the current strategy you have to say what is the problem that the company is facing and then create a strategy to solve that specific problem -make up 3 different alternative strategies (list some pros and cons for each) could be departmental (internal) or external -Then choose the best one of the three and talk about 3 factors that will help you achieve it and 3 factors that will limit you in doing it we can get it from the pros and cons that we mentioned earlier or from the strength of weaknesses. A lot of the facilitators or preventers would have to do either with the company or the society around it

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