Briefly describe three lessons you’ve learned in class about designing for global users. Consider cultural dimensions, inclusive design, accessibility standards/expectations in design and writing, the value of a design system (Google Material Design), use of technology in context (e.g. emerging markets) in your response.

INSTRUCTIONSEach lesson should address the following criteria:Include at least one concept from the course. Explain the concept in your own words. Make a reference to a video or reading where the concept was introduced but Do NOT use dictionary/Wikipedia definitions or cite the definition straight from a reading or video.
Make a reference to a class project where you applied the concept and a brief explain how the concept was applied.
Include a heading for each lesson
Put each concept in bold
Be carefully proofread
Be about 200-250 wordsGRADING
Accuracy of UX concepts
Relevancy/Application of UX concepts to a specific course project
Quality of writing, especially thoughtfulness and clarity of expression
Completeness, i.e. does the response assignment criteria?

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