Briefly summarise the case and the theoretical stance you are adopting in your case report (no more than 200 words)

Section 2: Consider how the persons behaviour may have an impact on their health
Your assessment should include an explanation of the possible future health consequences or outcomes of the persons behaviour. You should focus primarily on the physical health outcomes related to one biological system and the biological mechanisms of this relationship. (No more than 800 words)Section 3: Explore what factors may have contributed to the development of the health behaviour (predisposing factors) and what factors may be contributing to the current maintenance of the health behaviour (perpetuating factors)
Your case formulation should be informed by a biopsychosocial approach (Engel, 1977) and consider a range of biopsychosocial factors e.g. health beliefs, social norms, cultural factors, physiological dependence. You may include a diagram of your formulation if you wish.Throughout your report, your analysis of the possible consequences of the behaviour, and of predisposing and perpetuating factors must be informed by theoretical and empirical evidence drawn from the psychological and health literature.For this assignment, you should not make recommendations or propose interventions to change the persons behaviour. The focus of the case study is on analysing what impact the persons health behaviour may have on their health and the possible predisposing and perpetuating factors for the behaviour.
You are a health psychologist working in a smoking cessation service as a stop smoking advisor. Angela has come to the stop smoking service because her GP has recommended that she quits smoking. When you first assess Angela, who is 37 years old, she tells you that she has no current health problems. She smokes 25-30 cigarettes a day. Angela has a Body Mass Index of 17.9 and works in a fashion company press office where she frequently attends promotional events which often take place in the evenings and at weekends. She has unpredictable working hours and frequently smokes instead of eating. Angela tells you that her grandfather, who was a heavy smoker, lived to be 93 and was healthy throughout his life.CASE STUDY has 3 sections:
1. Summary of the case and a theoretical stance to be used (e.g. can chose the HBM; TPB; TRA; Stages of Change model; Self-Efficacy). It should set the context of the case study at the end of this section.
2. Impact of behaviour on health (focus on physical health outcomes and their relation to one biological system (e.g. the Respiratory system; Nervous system; Endocrine system; Cardiovascular system etc.).
3. Predisposing and perpetuating factors using the biopsychsocial approach (i.e. biological, psychological and social factors). There should be comments on those biopsychosocial factors in this section as expected.
The theoretical stance taken can be discussed throughout the report.

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