Cafe Relax is a community cafe was set up in Poplar, Tower Hamlets, to inspire, enable and motivate local people to eat more healthily.

It opened in May 2009 with an aim to serve healthy meals from Monday to Friday. It provided a space for local people to meet; and also acted as a community resource where residents could access training and enterprise opportunities.
The project aimed to:
1) use the cafe to promote local, seasonal and community produced food
2)develop a programme of activity with local growing schemes to help build community cohesion and capacity
3)Engage women from the many cultural groups and nationalities in the area to work together for the success of the cafe, thereby developing their skills Essay
Outline which health promotion approach has been used. Critically discuss how the health promotion intervention engaged with the local community. Consider what barriers the health promoter may have had to face and to what extent this is demonstrated within this health promotion project.

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