Case Comparison

This paper is to have an introduction, body and conclusion.
paper will be one where you compare TWO significant cases related to criminal
procedures. These cases will come from your research of constitutional issues noted
You will use the case brief guidelines to help compare the two cases which will
have similar legal issues. The Constitution and the 4, 5, 6, and 8th amendments are the
key documents you will use. Make sure you use the case number/year for cases
written about. This is an actual “judge ruled” case with a court number and not one of
public opinion such as “OJ or “Casey” or “Trevon/Zimmerman”. DO NOT use cases
noted in discussion boards or used in assignments.
Format: see announcement for the format to be used.

The case briefs, with appropriate case number/year will the following:
FACTS: 3-9 sentences summarizing the important facts.
ISSUE: Usually there is only one issue in a case. It generally asks a constitutional question or raises a constitutional issue and set out why a case is important.
HOLDING: The holding generally answers the constitutional question raised or addresses the issue raised.
REASONING: (The most difficult part of the brief.) Explain why the court held or decided the way it did. It should be approximately 10+ sentences.
CASE SIGNIFICANCE: 5+ sentences which will include the impact on law enforcement or corrections personnel.
NOTE: You will NOT quote the legal case or brief but you will summarize it in YOUR own words. Quotations are not accepted in the briefs as you must learn to summarize this information. Plagiarism software WILL be used in this course.
A summary paragraph comparing and contrasting the two cases is required.
Case 1: Summary with all of the parts: facts, issue, holding, reasoning, case significance.
Summary of the case.
Case 2: Summary with all of the parts: facts, issue, holding, reasoning, case significance.
Summary of the case.
Summary paragraphs COMPARING and CONTRASTING the cases (may take 1-2 paragraphs).

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