Infrastructure of Berlin Before and After World War II

This research paper is to be about some specific topic regarding 20th century Berlin, as the course is centered on Berlin as a whole during this time period, covering its culture, history, and memory. For my research paper, I chose to write about Berlin infrastructure before and directly following World War II. I want to compare the conditions of the infrastructure in the city prior to the war and after it. I also want to focus on how damaged the infrastructure in the city was after the war and how the city eventually recovered its infrastructure as a whole. This topic is not set in stone, although it would be preferred to use this one if there are enough sources and research available to generate a 20 page research paper, since this is the topic I said I would be writing about. However, I can change my mind, and if you see that there is another specific topic within 20th century Berlin that you would have an easier time forming a research paper about that would be of better quality, then I'm more than open to that as well. Feel free to use as many sources as you like, of any nature (books, journal articles, internet resources, interviews), as long as they are cited in Chicago style. Here are some links I've found after some brief research:

The third link has a huge amount of sources listed that may contain things to work with. I have also compiled a short bibliography of sources that may be of good use:

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Once again, don't feel limited to this topic and if you feel like another topic will result in a better paper, I'm all for it. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thank you.

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