Change Management concepts in ALDI stores Australia

Assignment Brief Your task is to apply change management concepts to an issue(s) in an organisation and provide recommendations for improvement. For this assignment, you can choose the organisation you are currently working with or an organisation you are familiar with in your country or region which is under external and internal pressure to undertake substantial changes. A clear description and evaluation of the organisation/industry as well as the internal contexts (e.g. organisational culture and structure) and external contexts (e.g. economic situation, internationalisation, environment, technology, external constraints, and contingencies as well as opportunities) for the prescribed change initiatives. Your proposed model of change and interventions in the process of organisational change (you must choose a change model to guide your analysis). A discussion on the impact of your proposed interventions on the organisation, as well as the expected resistance to change by employees. You are also required to provide approaches to tackle the issues of resistance to change to assist transition (You must use relevant frameworks to guide your analysis.) In this assignment, you must elaborate on the relevant theories and frameworks to show your understanding and ability to apply these theories and frameworks in your organisation to demonstrate your critical thinking abilities. A good assignment will take an analytical and critical approach as well as demonstrate the application of change management concepts and theories.

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