Choose 9-15 painting or sculptures (from 15th-18th century) that discuss the theme of The Last Judgement.

The tentative thesis statement (please develop it): Art as a propaganda tool used by the catholic church and the political motives of the church. Your exhibition should have a title, an introduction to your theme, and a discussion of each of the works you have chosen. The wall text: This is the text that accompanies each of the images. It should be at least 250 words in length. Wall texts should provide a the viewer with context and explain how it contributes to your exploration of the theme. The exhibition introduction: this text should be at least 500-700 words in length. Introduce your theme, provide an overview of the topic, and tell the viewer why it is important. This text sets the viewer up to understand and appreciate the exhibition to follow. Although this comes first in the exhibition, you should write it last, after you have a had a chance yourself to reflect on the exhibition you have made. Once you have chosen your pictures and written your text, upload it onto a word document. Part 2: research notes and bibliography (example uploaded).

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