Choose a film made between 1980 and 1991. Evaluate the ethics of the film based on its relationship to some relevant issue of the period.

Possible issues include materialism, militarism, racism, feminism, conservatism, law and order issues, LGBT issues, the fate of the counter culture, and liberalism. There are many other values you could choose from. Make certain you have arrived at a single central argument and that you have adequate supporting evidence. A brief account of the films plot at the outset is useful (but avoid long plot summary). You may use visual aids, but limit them to no more than two minutes, and make sure you use them to further your overall planGrading Criteria
1)The presentation represents a thoughtful response to the topic. It expresses a clearly defined central argument/thesis which is both worthy of development and appropriately specific. The individual parts of the piece are fully developed. Their relationship to the students central point is clear.
2)The evidence is concrete and clearly supports the central argument and the works other related claims. The work uses outside sources effectively and ethically. The logic of evidence choices is clear. Any necessary concessions regarding the evidence or claims are made. Put another way the evidence is defended against reasonable objection.
3)The organization of the presentation is logical and appropriate to the audience, the subject, and the thesis. Necessary transitions are present. Sentence and paragraph organization is clear. Evidence is presented in a coherent order.
4)Presentation style fits the piece and the audience. Words choices are precise. The tone is appropriate to the audience and the subject.
5)Research conventions are observed throughout.

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