Choose a motif, topic, feature or aspect of any of the texts we have read for further investigation and write a research report that reflects and explains your interest in the chosen topic.

The final assignment for this course is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned in this course by using it as the basis for a small investigation of your own. There is thus a summative element to this assignment in that you are invited to bring together what you have learned in a small focused project reflecting your own interest. This will involve both a small amount of research and an effort of composition (which may have a creative orientation). Your submission should be about 2500 words in length (+/-10%)Readings / movies taught:Pygmalion, The Birth Mark, Black Swan, “The Reckoning”, from Jennifer Doudna’s and Samuel Sternberg’s book, “Paths to Superintelligence”, from Nick Bostrom’s book, The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, Apollo and Daphne by Ovid

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