Choose a religion different from your own and visit a worship service for that religion.

(Note: If you are Protestant, you may choose a Catholic church and vice versa. While both of these groups are in the Christian religion they have vastly different practices.) You may want to call ahead to the place of worship to find out the appropriate dress, the length of the service, to make sure that visitors are welcome, to ask if you will be able to take notes during the service, and to get directions to the site.It should take into consideration the following
-Place and why you chose it
-The description of the place of worship, sounds, smells and sights.
-The nature of the worshipers
-The symbolism, oral, cultural and physical
-How the service moved you
-What needed to be improved
-Your reflections on the worship service through your lens of understanding
-Any new learnings
All Papers should include
Name of Religious Institution
Date of Visit
Name of Pastor/Priest or OfficiantThe paper needs to be 1500 words minimum and does not need to have any sources documented

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