Choose a specific population (e.g., Asian-American gay men). 2. Conduct a literature search at the library.

Instructions for Completing the Required Research Paper PSYC 470 Psychology of Race and Racism The research paper is an opportunity for you to gain an in-depth understanding of multiple oppression and the complex lives of individuals based upon race. While some forms of racism are universal phenomena, personal experiences of racism are not the same. Furthermore, although individuals may share the same race, gender, etc., their societal experiences will vary due to the intersection of identities. For instance, take two women who are of the same race. If one of these women identifies as heterosexual and the other identifies as lesbian, their lives will be very different despite belonging to the same racial group. Therefore, this paper will allow you to explore racism in ways that will enhance your awareness and scholarly knowledge of literature in this area. Getting Started: Key words should reflect your chosen topic (e.g., Latina lesbian women). You can also use specific search engines that are related to a subdiscipline of your choice, such as psychology, social work, etc. 3. Peruse abstracts acquired by your literature search. Choose scholarly references that are related to several aspects of the lives of your chosen population, such as employment, housing, mental health, and family relationships. The other sources can be a compilation of theory and literary, artistic works. At least FOUR of the final sources cited in your paper must be EMPIRICAL (i.e., authors have collected data, analyzed and summarized). Graduate Students and Honor Students (See syllabus for required number of empirical sources to include). 4. Decide the main theme(s) of your report and organize it accordingly. An example of a theme/thesis would be to convey the experiences of women of Asian descent in the workplace. The organization of your report should reflect either the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition, or MLA (Modern Language Association) style. Manuals for both styles can be found in the library. 5. Conduct 4 interviews on your chosen population and topic. You may either conduct the interviews with representatives of your population or conduct the interviews with various persons in order to acquire their thoughts and opinions on the topic and population of your choice. Taped interviews generally allow you to return to the actual statements made by interviewees, however, you may also take copious notes of your interview as well. 6. To “analyze” your information, simply examine your interview notes or taped interviews to determine similarities and differences in opinions and perspectives for your interviewees. Incorporate actual statements or a summarization of statements in your research paper. This can be done by paraphrasing what your participants said and by inserting exact quotes in your paper (See Greer paper example on how to include quotes and to paraphrase interview content).

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