Choose to compare and contrast the struggles of two different ethnic groups in the United States at this time, or you can work with the Women’s Movement and an ethnic group.

The 1800’s or 19th century is an incredibly fascinating time for race and gender relations in the United States and Manifest Destiny as a project. Consider answering the following questions to help situate yourself in the time period: What is Indian Removal? What is Manifest Destiny? Cite two examples of Manifest Destiny from Destiny from the 19th century. What are the struggles each group you are considering is face with?It should include intext citations from either Takaki, Zinn, Linebaugh and Rediker, must include references made to Omi and Winant’s “Racial Formations” article, and can address any of the primary historical documents we have discussed, for example, the Declaration of Sentiments, The Naturalization Act of 1970, the Bill of Rights.

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