Chose a political topic of interest why youth vote/do not vote? What does political participation mean? What role will new social media play in politics? What role does genetics play in political participation?

Research through Academic Search Complete or JSTOR database on the library websites for academic journal articles that pertain to studies on your topic.3.Chose 2 articles on the topic you like. 4. Write a literature review of the articles to be approximately 2 pages long. a.Literature review requires that you read the introduction, the methods and some of the research, and conclusion to summarize it for me.b.You then write a paragraph answering three questions: 1) what the authors research question is, 2) what are the means of proving the question, and 3) what was found out in the research. Use the guide given to help you formulate your paragraph about the paper.5.Your review should have an introductory paragraph that tells what you want to research why is that topic important. It should have a concluding paragraph that tells what you found out in your research and what research should look at next.6 8.Your paper should be formatted in Chicago with in text citations. Your paper header should be single spaced, the text should be double spaced and the works cited should be single spaced. Works Cited examplesBode, Leticia. 2016. “Political News in the News Feed: Learning Politics from Social Media.” Mass Communication and Society 24-48.Hendricks, Carolyn, Sonya Duus, and Selen Ercan. 2016. “Performing Politics on Social Media: The Dramaturgy of an Environmental Controversy on Facebook.” Environmental Politics 1102-1125.

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