Compare and contrast experimental, quasi experimental and non-experimental quantitative research designs Include specific examples of each type of research

Requirements Your map should be a complex map with many levels and should clearly show relationships between the ideas. You may not “combine” concept maps located in the publisher content. Please look at them for reference and to help you understand the content, but YOUR MAP should be your own work. Use some kind of color coding so it is possible to me to see how you are comparing and contrasting the different types of research. Be sure I can see clear organization of your concepts. (Create an outline BEFORE you begin) Upload a PDF of your chart to this assignment (click on File, then select Download as, then click on PDF) Important things to keep in mind and to depict in your concept map. Below is to help you get started and I expect you to go beyond what is listed below. Experimental research is the “gold standard” for cause and effect. It involves the manipulation of independent variables on a dependent variable and random assignment of groups under strictly controlled settings. Well designed experimental research has high validity and reliability. Quasi experimental research does not have random assignment so this kind of research doesn’t give you the strong cause and effect of experimental research. You have to use other means to create groups, such as matching. However you can’t be sure you have accounted for all sources of confounding. Non experimental research cannot give you cause and effect, however, it is commonly used and provides useful results because there are many situations where you cannot use experimental or quasi experimental research. Non-Experimental research allows you to describe something (i.e. phenomena) and discover relationships between variables (correlations). What can you use to create your concept map? LucidChart is an extremely useful program AND has a free “pro” educational account! I highly recommend it to all graduate students to help you in your studies. Here is the link in which you have to use your South Alabama edu email account for your special account: Follow the instructions to get your free “pro” education account. You need the pro account so you won’t be limited in the size of your map. Here are some links for getting started: Click here for a handy YouTube Video that provides helpful recommendations for creating a concept map. This video does a good job discussing how to create and categorize as well as use text.

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