Compare and contrast the ethnographies “Veiled Sentiments” by Lila Abu-Lughod and “Only Hope” by Vanessa L. Fong (it is important that these books specifically are used).

Compare and contrast in terms of the connections between who the anthropologist is (positionality includes the anthropologists own cultural background and other aspects of his/her identityincluding but not limited to gender), what the anthropologist focuses on (in terms of topic and theoretical orientation), and how the anthropologist goes about conducting his/her research (methodology). How have each of these aspects influenced each other in the course of fieldwork and the final product of the finished ethnography? Discuss the commonalities and differences of who, what & how in the two ethnographies. Then, based on this comparison, relate what your assessment is in terms of how ethnographies can be considered both objective as well as subjective accounts. In what ways are they objective and what ways subjective? You should reference at least TWO works by anthropologists Boas, Malinowski, Benedict, Geertz, or Wesch, and use direct quotes from relevant sources. Use citations wisely and to support the argument.

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