Compare and Contrast the Kansas Constitution to the U.S. Constitution

Compare and contrast your state constitution to the U.S. Constitution. What, if any, additional protections do a state constitution provide its residents? Analyze the privacy protections provide under the U.S. Constitution verses those provided by Kansas Assess the merits of general versus explicit language in constitutional civil liberties protections Report key similarities and differences between Kansas constitution and the U.S. Constitution Four components of the Essay o Discuss general similarities and differences between Kansas State constitution and the U.S. Constitution (in terms of government and document structure) o Report on whether your state constitution includes a statement or bill of rights. Summarize the kinds of rights that are protected. How do they compare with the protections in the U.S. Bill of Rights? o Drill down to the specific right to privacy. Why is the right to privacy important? Is it explicitly mentioned in your state constitution? What are the exact words? Evaluate the scope of privacy protection offereddoes it provide more, or less, protection than the U.S Constitutions implied right to privacy? o Assess the merit of explicit versus general constitutional language in the protection of rights. Is one more preferable than another? How does the language in your state constitution compare to the language in the U.S. Constitution? Outline: o Discuss general similarities and differences between your state constitution and the U.S. Constitution ? Document Structure Similarities Differences ? Government Structure Similarities Differences ***Sources must come from U.S. and Kansas Constitution***

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