Compare and contrast the two works 1. As I Walked Out One Evening – W.H. Auden & 2. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night – Dylan Thomas.

2. A compare-and-contrast essay requires a strong ground for the comparison. In this case, you will need
to focus on the THEME of TIME that connects the two works.3. From this you will need to develop a thesis. You might choose to begin this process by making a list of similarities and differences between the two works, but eventually you will need to settle on a thesis that makes an argument about why these similarities and differences are significant. Your thesis should be clear, arguable and answer the so what? question. Your thesis requires a purpose. Be as SPECIFIC as you can.4. In order to support your argument, you will need to find evidence in the two texts. It is not sufficient to just quote the textyou should use quotations AND analyze your quotations as well. You’re essentially doing a close reading. And the foundation of close reading is the consideration of how a texts form
reflects its meaning. So, please ensure that the essay devotes some space to analyzing how the text is
constructedfor example, point of view, symbols, figurative language, sound, imagery, irony, etc.5. Attempt to answer questions that help solidify your argument. Such as – How is time represented? Does love actually have the ability to conquer time? What about art? Can art suspendor at least extendthe unfolding of time? Or you might consider questions
about memory. To what extent is memory fallible? What role does memory play in our understanding of who we are? How do the two works attempt to capture the slippery operations of memory? What role does art play in memorializing a loss? Death and time? Love and time? Feel free to make and answer questions of your own that you think are important to note here as well.-MLA format
-no other sources are necessary but the two required readings
-5-6 pages, Times New Roman, double-spaced

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