Concert type and genre(s) o What sort of concert or music drama did you attend? Is this a typical concert or style of music that would have been heard during the Nineteenth Century? Why or why not?

During the Nineteenth Century people needed to attend live performances at places such as concert halls to hear the latest musical compositions. Today, attending musical concerts and theatrical performances is still considered a worthwhile personal or social activity. Hearing classical art music in its original settingas opposed to a classroomis fundamental for music students, performers, and casual listeners. Listening to this music live provides a valuable experience that cannot be duplicated through recordings or videos. You must attended one concert of your choosing and write a report detailing your experience and the music you heard. The concert can be for any instrumental or vocal group, any music drama (such as an opera or operetta), or even a student, faculty, or departmental recital. It may be either on or off campus. However, the concert must include at least one piece on the program from the Nineteenth Century. Reports submitted on topics outside the Nineteenth Century will not be accepted, so be sure to check the program prior to attending a concert to see if it meets these requirements. It is suggested that you take notes during or immediately after the concert to aid your recollection of the music when writing the essay. Your essay should address each of the following areas: In what ways does it adhere to or deviate from Nineteenth Century norms as we have studied them in class? Choose one nineteenth century piece performed at the concert to discuss in detail. o Who wrote the piece? Is there any interesting information regarding the background or circumstances surrounding its composition? o What style or genre does this piece fit into? What about the piece indicates to you that it should be in that genre? o Did you like or dislike the piece? Was anything particularly noteworthy or interesting? Or, was it boring and unexciting? What made you feel this way? o For the piece, or the concert as a whole, are there any cultural, social, or political elements that may have influenced or been influenced by this music? Why or why not? o Specifically, discuss three musical elements present in the piece that aid in your discussion. (For example: instrumentation, melody, range, structure, various techniques, style, rhythm, etc.) Do not merely list various elements but use them to provide support for different areas of your explanation of the piece. You are allowed to use any course readings or outside sources to aid in your explanations and support your examples.

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