Consider how the qualities of heroism are represented in The Odyssey and Oedipus Rex. What causes the hero in each work to be separated from home and family, what concerns of power, loyalty and love determine their actions and decisions?

Offer some comment on the ideas of heroism you see in each. 2. Compare the women and their contributions, both positive and negative in The Odyssey and Oedipus Rex. Consider if their roles are central or crucial to the actions and values in each. Overall, what ideas do you gather about their position in these works. 3. How is the cleverness, war strategy, and self assertiveness in the male and female protagonists rewarded or dealt with in Oedipus and Medea respectively? Do they produce good effects or lead to extreme actions? What impact does each play finally produce? 4. We have examined the idea of personal responsibility versus outside forces being responsible for the actions of characters in works of the ancient world. Using The Odyssey and one other Greek work we have studied, discuss this concept to evaluate motivation and behavior. What do you conclude about freedom and obligations in the ancient world?

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