Consider the case for and against adopting the Integrated Reporting development as the next model for corporate reporting practice.

The essay that is submitted must be the individual students own work. The Turnitin software is designed to identify plagiarism, cases of which will result in the reduced grades in the first instances. Extensive or persistent plagiarism may result in more serious outcomes, including the termination of studies. The initial reading for the assignment is: IIRC (2013): The International Framework Beattie, V. and Smith, S.J. (2013) Value creation and business models: refocusing the intellectual capital debate, British Accounting Review, 45(4): 243-254. Neilsen, C. and Roslender, R. (2015) Enhancing financial reporting: the contribution of business models, British Accounting Review, 47(3): 262-274. Rowbottom, N and Locke, J. (2016) The emergence of , Accounting and Business Research, 46(1): 83-115. Tweedie, D., Nielsen, C. and Martinov-Bennie, N. (2017). Evolution or abandonment? contextualising the business model in Integrated Reporting, Australian Accounting Review (eprint)., Rinaldi, L., de Villiers, C. and Unerman, J. (2018) Evaluating the Integrated Reporting journey: insights, gaps and agendas for future research, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 31(5): 1294-1318. The word count for this assignment is again a minimum of 2500. This excludes references and any generic introductory content. The assignment is due on Monday 10 December at 12.00pm via Turnitin. Grading of late submissions is informed by prevailing University policies and procedures.

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