. Create a chart using the 6 syndromes listed in chapter 30. List the syndrome and what it is. Also list what interventions would be necessary at school for the student. In a paragraph at the end of the chart, detail school health considerations for the use of Diastat and Midazolam.

After screening the children in the 7th grade, you are concerned with the blood pressure in many of the overweight children. What is a normal blood pressure for a 7th grader? What would be considered a high blood pressure in a 7th grader? Review Box 29.3: the CDCs recommendations for school-based obesity prevention. Create a Power Point. List these 10 strategies. For each strategy, discuss 3 actions that you could take as a school health professional.
Depending on what type of seizure a student suffers from will change what will need to be done by a school health professional

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