create a post that explores the relationship between art/architecture and mythology.

You may post up to 2 times, as long as the explorations cover mythologies from 2 different regions. That is, a maximum of 20 points in extra credit is available. The list below contains a list of works of art and buildings. Choose one and then explore how the values expressed in a certain myth or related group of myths are repeated in the art/architecture. Do not repeat the myth or merely provide a description of the work of art. Your posting must show through concrete details the connection between elements of mythology and the construction of the work of art. Start logically — for instance, do not try to piece together the images on Mount Rushmore with the myth of Chi Li. I. M. Pei’s Pyramid at the Louvre California Dept of General Services in West Sacramento Jefferson Memorial Toronto Stock Exchange friezes MI6 Building in Vauxhall Schwetzingen Castle U. S. Capitol: one of the frescoes by Constantina Brumidi George Washington by Hiram Powers George Washington by Horatio Greenough The Sharpshooter by Winslow Homer Manifest Destiny by John Gast Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch U. S. currency

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