Criterias for measuring return on investment in social media with respect to healthcare sector in UK

1) Introduction – A jist of what a reader will expect in this section2) Social media definitions and the definition being adopted in this study- critical analysis3) Various sectors (profit, nonprofit, etc) chosen for the purpose of this – critically analyse why these sectors- what are the differenct sectors involved and how what criterias they have to measure their returns on investment4) Criteria for Measurement of ROI by various sectors identified – as explained above5) Your understanding of the best 3 -4 criteria of measurements in each sector chosen – how you derived that these are the best (eg 3 authors might talk about a certain criterias in one sectors- hence due to these these 3 authors talking about the same criterias, we may concude that these are the best for that particular sector)6) Critically analyse the sectors chosen in UK against what you have derived with appropriate underpinning are the evaluation criteria UNDER POINT 57) What are the key issues/salient issues that you have critiqued and now will be investigated further – if you could sign-post to relevant parts of the dissertation – that would help – that is to say, in your conclusion section of your Literature Review chapter, you identify what are the key issues and sign-post to the relevant section in the chapter if the reader would like to read an expanded version of that salient point that you have stipulated.PLEASE MAKE SURE EVERY SUB HEADING IS CRITICALLY ANALYSED BY VARIOUS VIEW POINTS OF DIFFERENT AUTHORS AND CONCLUDED BY THE WRITERS VIEW.

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