Critically address the relationship between clinical governance, professional development and the provision of evidence based quality care and support services influenced by patients and their carers.

Assignment TitleThe Nursing and Midwifery Council (2015) states that nurses should: Provide leadership to make sure peoples well being is protected and to improve their experiences of the healthcare system. (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2015, 25).Critically analyse the essential elements of clinical leadership and how these can empower the (NRN) newly registered nurse to develop the skills to meet the above requirement.choose 4 of theses Themes
Team work
Conflict management
Role transition
Organisational culture and context
and intertwine the through the assignment always referring back to the assignment title throughout.Demonstrate ability to critically appraise key models of management theory and their application to contemporary nursing practice in clinical scenarios.Demonstrate an ability to appraise the effectiveness of management approaches in relation to human resources and the delivery of quality services.Critically review the relationship between management, leadership and communication.
Analyse the importance of nurses developing and maintaining professional standards of practice.Distinguish between leadership styles and analyse the impact of each on team building, functioning and effectiveness.Critically review the concept of power and explore its role in relation to effective team management within clinical scenarios.Critically review delegation, accountability and the responsibilities of the manager.Critically discuss the concept of change theory, its importance to effective team management, including the challenges that may be encountered.Analyse the dynamics of conflict within teams and demonstrate an awareness of its origins, including strategies on how it may be managed.

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