critically compare at least 2 different stories using 2-3 outside secondary sources for support through the focused lens of one of these general topics.

Roles and Perceptions of Women
Sense of Justice
Prophesy and Vision
Cultural Heroism
The role of humor/satire
The role of structure
Importance of setting
An analysis of specific characters
Messages/lessons for out time

These are all general starting points, but YOUR specific claim should be unique. For example, you could write an essay called Odysseus Battles the Monkey: Trickery and Heroism in Journey to the Wests and the Odyssey

The sources should be from the SSU library databases or Google scholar, or some other electronic sources that are not simply generic internet sources.

Contextualize the essay critically (how the here and now affects the way we read and understand the document should be addressed in all papers regardless of approach.)

You essay should summarize only what we need to understand your main claims. BE CAREFUL OF TOO MUCH SUMMARY. This is one of the main reasons students lose points.


MLA Documentation: 25 points
Use of secondary source material as support: 50 points
Thesis and Adherence to the topic: 50 points
General Essay conventions (intro, body paragraphs, conclusion) 50pts
Critical Thinking 50 points
Diction and Grammar: 25 points

Here is a general idea of what I am looking for

Rubric for Literary Analysis Papers

The A Paper
Thesis presents a strong assertion or claim, is tightly focused
All quotations or examples clearly demonstrate and support the claim of the paper
Essay displays insightful understanding and analysis of the book
Essay is solidly developed
Quotations or examples are contextualized, explained, or woven smoothly into the discussion
Exhibits strong diction and skillful use of language
Uses MLA citation format correctly
Few, if any errors in literary conventions

The B Paper
Thesis is clear, though not a strong assertion or claim
Good quotations or examples, but less than complete analysis of or comment on the quotations
Essay shows understanding of the book, but lacks depth of analysis
Occasional generalizations and vague word choice (e.g. interesting, important)
Generally follows literary conventions (e.g. present tense verbs, underlines or italicizes book titles, correct quotation citation information)

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