Define front and back of house operations to clarify the differences between the two aspects of daily operations and how they work together to create customer satisfaction outcomes.

Professor J.Gellatly – Performance Assessment Task Report due Week 6-7Target Competencies for Assignment # 1 Article Review -Examine the supporting articles list on hotel operations in relation to customer satisfaction and operational strategies for hospitality (see list of Journal article Readings). Course Value: 15% Directions This is an Individual Research Report applied against readings and the GBC library database- For this performance assessment you will write a summary report of influential journal articles in the hotel sector. The written report (Maximum 1,500 word overview report- up to 5 pages) will be reviewed and assessed by your professor. 1. Use up to ten resources to find out all you can about the hotel industry. Make sure to use at least three article sources from the Cornell list. Add at least five to seven additional journal article sources through supporting a discussion of customer service theories that present a reflection of all the articles. Take careful notes because you will need to cite your resources in your written individual project with both in text citations and an APA reference summary of the report.2. Find out and discuss the following information about hotel operations: Describe some defining characteristics of the accommodation sector.

Determine examples of what creates unique value for customers.
Explore the various roles of different departments in delivering quality guest service.
Investigate the causes of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction of hotel operations.
Outline examples of value added impacts that deliver front and back-of-house operations that can contribute to overall customer satisfaction.
Provide our own personal recommendation from investigating the journal article research to discuss the importance of delivery quality service and how it relates to overall hotel operations.
Add any Additional data (such as statistics and/or pictures to support your descriptions)3. Write up to 5 pages of an investigative report. In addition to the lodging study, information mentioned above please include the following in your research:
Applied textbook and supporting research from other resources
Trade paper articles on hotel operations are other good examples
4. Develop a Works Cited (APA) page for your research report to cite the sources you used. Dont forget to add a cover page with your name & ID number!
5. Self-assess your report by using the scoring guide. Revise your work if necessary. Submit your revised report, Works Cited page, and a scoring guide to your instructor for final professor evaluation (upload in Blackboard for mark).
6. Present the report in Blackboard by the due date within the course outlineScoring Guide Site Visit Report Summary – Scoring Standards
You must achieve a rating of at least “6” or “yes” on each criterion to demonstrate competence. Work receiving a “no” will not be evaluated further until corrected, and points will be deducted on a resubmission. Refer to the schools Academic Policy for late submissions.

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