Define gender and provide an example of how gender organizes our daily lives.

Provide well-developed and thoughtful answers by utilizing your analytic, interpretive, and critical thinking skills. Connect your answers to the broader social structure, ideologies, power relationships, sociological terms/concepts/theories, and to broader society overall. When appropriate please add an example and/or quote from the textbook, slides, or class discussion to explain your answer. Make sure to cite your sources.

2 Women make up 50.8% of U.S. population, yet are underrepresented in a variety of STEM fields. Why? (slides).#3 Directions: Analyze the following video clip How Ellen Pao realized women cannot succeed in Silicon Valley frat boy culture? Why are some jobs completely segregated by gender? And, how does sexism impact women’s job performance? Provide a well-developed answer, you may include personal experiences to highlight your point. (Textbook and slides). Do you agree/disagree with this statement? When we stop using gender as a basis for dividing up the world in terms of which jobs people hold, what rights they exercise, how much money they earn, how much control they have over their bodies, and with whom they can have sex will we find true equality in the world (Lorber 1994). (Individual analysis).

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