Define protective factors (specific to age group chosen) and strategies for supporting those protective factors which also support their individual needs and development (specific to age group chosen)

In this course you will be creating a series of one-page resource newsletters to use in your future work with children and families. Each resource newsletter will provide a quick and informative opportunity to share important information on specific health, safety and nutritional topics. Each newsletter will include current information and credible resources in a family friendly format.
For this Module Course Project Assignment
Create a one-page resource newsletter with the topic of encouraging protective factors with preschoolers- to focus your newsletter.
Must include:
A stand on the importance of social and emotional health with young children- what is important about social and emotional health and how will it benefit a young child’s growth and development (specific to age group chosen)

Details on why others (parents or peers) would care about social and emotional development for young children (specific to age group chosen)

1-2 photos or graphics bringing attention to your topic
Title for your newsletter to catch reader’s attention
Text arranged in sections and not in essay style format- think newspapers or websites with shorter sections and sub-sections
Text written in your own words with in-text citations as appropriate
Be sure to create a newsletter which is readable and engaging; providing just the right amount of information on the topic.

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