Define the problem(s). On the basis of your description above, what are the problems that you identify in the given scenario?

– For this assignment, if you choose topics 1-4, the scenario has already been given to you. You simply need to follow the template provided on page 4, and as a separate file on Vision, to produce a report that highlights particular intercultural communication phenomena and provide an analysis of how and why they occur. 1000 WORD 10%(+/-)The 4 topics are given in the guidelines dox. in the additional files provided.Please review my case study and provide me with the best price as fund are not that widely available and i am a working student and don’t have enough time to complete my case study essay.
In your analysis, it important to relate your data to theory. How do the key concepts introduced in this course so far apply to your case? (see weeks 1-5)You can choose any topics from 1-4
Remember, your case study report does not need to provide one concrete answer to a problem or generalise any findings. The purpose is to show an awareness of intercultural issues that may arise in business settings and examine ways of resolving particular problematic situations in a critical way.Your case study report should include the following parts:1. Cover page, with student name, Programme, ID no, and assignment details, including case study topic (in the Vision template provided)2. Introduction (~100 words): A contextualisation of the case, which includes an overview of the setting, the problem, the scope and any limitations. What is the problem, or problems? What are the likely causes youd like to examine? 3. Analysis (~ 500 words):
b. Critically examine and analyse the contributing factors of the problem. Focus on the cultural dimension. In your analysis, it important to relate your data to theory. How do the key concepts introduced in this course so far apply to your case? (see weeks 1-5)4. Recommendations (~300 words)
a. How could the problem be resolved? What decisions are managers and/or employees faced with? What drives these decisions?
b. What possible solutions can you identify?
c. What are the possible consequences of these solutions? (including cost, personal or professional relations, conflict of values, conflict of interests etc.)5. Conclusion (~100 words): This section should encapsulate the main points of your case study report, e.g. This case study report has examined x,y,z. and conclude on the main challenges identified, as well as any recommendations made. The conclusion should not offer any new information or make any new arguments that have not been already mentioned in the main body of your case study.6. References (not included in the word count): A list of all the works who have cited in your case study in alphabetical order by author, e.g. Ashton, B. (2017) The title of the book. London: XYZ publications.
Black, R. (2006) A title of a journal article. Journal of Business, Volume 12, Issue, 4, pages 324-360.
Smart, C. (2014) Another book title. Edinburgh: AB publications
Do not include works that you have read but not cited in your report!7. Appendices (if any not included in the word count): Any supporting material that you have used in your case study. You probably wont need to provide any Appendices, but if you do, these should go after the References.
Presentation, style and referencingPlease submit your case study report in typewritten form (Font size 11 or 12; Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Calibri are fine). The text should be double-spaced and there should be a 6-point space between paragraphs. Make sure you proofread your case study for spelling, grammar, syntax and stylistic errors. Such errors have no place in an academic piece of work!Avoid the use of the first person, an opt for impersonal constructions instead, e.g. this case study examines. It is argued that. It is assumed that it could be argued etc.

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