Demonstrate a clear understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.

2.Demonstrate a clear understanding of MLK and Malcom Xs ideas regarding civil rights and Black liberation.3.Incorporate at least one direct quotation into in each paragraph. NOTE:Quotations should be taken from primary and secondary sources. It is acceptable to have more than one paragraph in a paragraphso long as the majority of the paragraph is made up of your own words.4.Incorporate four primary sourcesby way of direct quotations with parenthetical citationsfrom the course textbook, Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcom X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s.5.Develop a clear argument (i.e. thesis statement)laid out in the introductory paragraphthat explains how the contrasting ideas of MLK and Malcom X illustrate the overall strength or limitations of the Civil Rights Movement under the leadership of King. 6.Coherent, structured, and well-organized writing at both the paragraph and sentence level. You MUSTprovide historical context for MLK and Malcolm Xs ideas. This means you need to consider MLK and Malcolm Xs personal biographies, as well as the major historical events that affected them or that they in turn took part in. tied to. Put another way, your paper must discussMLK and Malcolm Xs ideas in relation to specific historical eventsduring the 1950s and 1960s.Where was King born and raised? What was his family life like?Where was Malcolm X born and raised? What was his family life like?What were the major events of the Civil Rights Movement?What issues did MLK and Malcolm X disagree on, and when and where did their disagreement translate into different forms of action? 3. Analysis (argument):Use your description of the source, and historical contextualization of your source, to assess MLK and Malcolm Xs ideas. Do your sources help you answer the central question of the prompt?Have you identified the most relevant passages from your sources? Use direct quotations from your outside sources.

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