Demonstrate ability to apply knowledge and understanding of the social determinants of health to an existing public health problem (25%) ? Demonstrates critical reasoning and analysis skills (15%) ?

course name is Public Health It is a report on Social determinants of health. For this please choose any HEART DISEASE and collect all the data based on Australian population (e.g. men/women, low socioeconomic status, rural/remote, people with disabilities/mental illness) For the format please start with Title Page, table of content as well and the normal format of report by highlighting all the topics and sub title. Here is what my lecturer told me about start of assignment “Research Gate is one web site that offers free journal articles. But to start with, I would look at some of the Government sites like the AIHW, ABS or Department of Health, the Heart Foundation, Heart Research Institute, Victor Chang Foundation. But make sure you reference the reports and papers and not just the web site. Use a wide range of references.” Number of words, please make it around 1450. Following is the brief description of assignment: LEARNING OUTCOMES: This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: 1. Analyse the impact of social, environmental and behavioural factors on the health of different populations 2. Analyse population health outcomes and the major social, economic, political and cultural forces that contribute to health inequalities. Instructions: Tobacco, lack of physical activity, a diet high in fats and sugars, hypertension, diabetes and obesity are well-known risk factors for heart disease. Populations with lower socioeconomic status are more likely to have increased behavioral risk factors for heart disease, including smoking and lack of physical activity (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2010). Although behavioral risk factors might be evident causes of diseases, public health professionals also consider social and environmental factors that contribute to the social gradient of health. To prepare for this assignment, choose a population group in Australia (e.g. men/women, low socioeconomic status, rural/remote, people with disabilities/mental illness). Then, in 1500 words, address the following, being sure to include a rationale that justifies your response: ? Describe the pattern of heart disease within this population. ? Analyse how a social determinants of health approach could be used to explain the patterns of morbidity and mortality for heart disease among this population group when compared to other groups. ? Create a public health intervention that addresses a social determinant of health (e.g. work, unemployment, social support, transport, housing, education, access to healthcare). ? Describe how you would address the social gradient of health through this public health intervention. ? Explain what other sectors would need to be involved aside from the health sector. References Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. (2010). Australias health 2010. Retrieved from Assessment Criteria: ? Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the social determinants of health (30%) ? Shows ability to interpret and analyse relevant information and literature on the social determinants of health (20%) ? General Assessment Criteria (10%) o Provides a lucid introduction o Shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues o Shows ability to interpret relevant information and literature in relation to chosen topic o Demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts o Shows evidence of reading beyond the required readings o Justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments and not merely assertions o Provides a conclusion or summary o Correctly uses academic writing, presentation and grammar: ? Complies with academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details (including reference list) ? Writes clearly, with accurate spelling and grammar as well as proper sentence and paragraph construction ? Uses appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research -Please make sure it will not be plagiarized ad try to make it on time. Thanks

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