Demonstrate an awareness of genre conventions how this particular form (the documentary photo essay) functions to advocate for a view or position and of rhetorical strategies, both written and visual, employed by the author/photographer.

We examine examples of documentary photo essays, considering the defining characteristics of the genre and the presence, or absence, of those characteristics in each example. You will then select a photo essay (from the list at the end of these instructions) and write a rhetorical analysis that serves to analyze and evaluate the photo essays effectiveness, taking into account its rhetorical situation (audience, situation, and purpose) and its use of genre conventions and other strategies (framing, cropping, and vector of attention).

You must include and refer to at least four separate images from within the photo essay to help you develop your analysis and support your evaluation. Ideally, you will collaborate with a partner within our class and decide collectively on which photos to analyze based on shared interests and expertise.

You rhetorical analysis/evaluation will:

Consider the authors rhetorical situation (audience, situation, and purpose), including the social importance of the photo essay:
What impact it had on the readers and viewers in its original context.
Its current relevance: what we learn or experience from viewing and reading it today.

Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the argument (the photo essay as a whole) given the rhetorical situation and strategies youve considered above.

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