Demonstrate how prior research leads you to the research problem in hand. In other words, indicate what other researchers have done and havent done.

No business research problems/ topics could be used. No data is required. Reliable sources No limits for sources you can use as much resources as you can and I would like to get the outline as soon as possible. 1. Introduction: a. You start by putting your research question right away. For example, In this proposal, I study how variable X affects variable Y. b. Explain why the topic is important (as well as interesting)saves money, increases return, decreases risk, good for the society, good for environment, harms customers, benefits employees. The list could be endless. However, you need to be specific as to how finding an answer to your research question is going to make a difference. c. Relate your research to what has already been done. Write briefly whether others have done a related research and what they have found. d. Write what you are going to do and explain how it is different from what others have done. It is a good idea to write the introduction last as you need to summarize other sections in the introduction. 2. Literature Review: Do a thorough literature review on your research topic. a. Summarize in your own words the relevant papers/studies on your research topic. -Be aware of plagiarism. -Cite properly using APA style of citation. UNB Library has great resources. -Please consult librarians-they are very helpful because they know where to look for the papers you need. c. Lastly explicitly write the research gapyour research question and briefly justify why it is new and interesting. 3. Hypothesis Development: In this section, write down explicitly the expected relationship among the variables. You need to provide at least one justification why you expect that relationship: Based on a theory (If price goes up, quantity demanded goes down) Common knowledge ( During hot weather, the sale of ice cream goes up) Then write down: H1: Variable X will increase variable Y, other things remaining the same. Or in the null form: H0: Variable X has no relation with variable Y. 4. Research Design: Briefly write down what methods you are going to use. Also, discuss why you chose that method.

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