Describe characteristic movements and the typical arrangement of dancers in relation to one another.

Find video examples of the following dance forms: Bhangra, Capoeira and the Tango. After you watch some examples of each of the dance types, respond to the following questions in a short one page essay. 1. As Shelemay writes, sometimes in dance, spatial arrangements idealize or even transgress social norms about gender, just as the repetition of stereotyped movements or postures in a dance can parody or challenge gender norms (p. 281). What kinds of dancing are you most familiar with? Is there any difference in quality or movement style for men and women performing this kind of dance? Are there other ways in which dancers styles might be differentiated besides a male/female distinction? What gender stereotypes and gender relations are embodied in this style of movement.After watching video clips of bhangra, capoeira and the tango, answer the following questions. What ideals of masculinity are displayed in playing capoeira? Do students notice instances in which bhangra is gender segregated? What sexual and gender norms are embodied in tango?

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