describe cultural and historical influences on conceptions of gender and other forms of diversity AND APPLY examples to the workplace.

1 PEER JOURNAL AND 1 WEBPAGE: Name one peer reviewed journal article and/or module resources relevant to the 8 sessions; include the reference and title. Also, include a link to a relevant website that pertains to your training objective. Briefly state what it is. This article and website serves as additional resources for the training. For example, you could find a step-by-step guide on how to handle harassment or an article on the importance of gender sensitive communication in the workplace. (There should be one peer reviewed journal and one webpage for each of the 8 sessions). FINAL TRAINING REPORT (2nd required part) Your goal for the training PROGRAM was for participants to gain the knowledge and skills they need to return to work and effectively contribute to an environment that promotes respect, gender awareness, and efforts to balance power among men and women. Final Training Report: Your goal for the training REPORT is to provide support for the necessity and benefits of your gender training to the company utilizing what you know about gender influences and issues (see below). Additionally, you will offer recommendations to the company to address the issues presented in your training. **In designing your training program and in forming your training report to the company make sure to consider and include the following information to support your need and support for training in gender (generalize it to the workplace); identify key gender issues and expectations; state how your training will benefit the company; AND make recommendations as explained below. Gender differences: discuss research findings on gender differences and similarities in aggression, achievement, and communication; Apply ex to workplace Relationships: identify gender issues in friendships and romantic relationships Gender expectations: explain the impact of gender, gender role expectations, and gender stereotypes on work roles and physical and mental health; Apply ex to workplace. Make recommendations: Describe four to six specific changes you will recommend to the corporate leaders that address the concerns presented by your training participants. Be specific. You can list these in bullet format.

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