Describe how the structure of the American court system, including how the bail system operates. What are some criticisms of plea bargaining?

Cite source that is used.2. Describe the courtroom workgroup and how if functions, including the role of plea bargaining in the American court system.
Cite source that is used.3. Discuss the four major main goals of punishment. Please identify and discuss the type of sentences that judges can impose including indeterminate, determinate, or mandatory. You are to discuss the significance of the U.S. Supreme Court and the cases that are applicable to each type of sentencing.
Cite source that is used.4. Students, you are to discuss how and why the American system of corrections has developed into the system we have today. Please include in your response the concept of American federalism, the differences and similarities between individual correctional systems in the federal and state governments as well as the local and regional jurisdictions. Also, you are to discuss the current state of corrections in light of past trends. You are to also discuss the role that governmental budget constraints play in correctional policy and decision making.
Cite source that is used.5. Students, you are to discuss the constitutional law and its implication to law enforcement. You are to make sure that you discuss the role of federal law versus state law and the implication for constitutional law. You are to discuss the significance of the Fourth Amendment and the Fifth Amendment (and it application to confessions), Sixth and Eight Amendments. In addition, you are to discuss the significance cases of Miranda v. Arizona, Mapp v. Ohio, Terry v. Ohio, and Chimel v. California
Cite source that is used.

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