Describe other characteristics that may indicate ionic bonding. What are the characteristic that indicate covalent (molecular) bonding?

2. Give an educated short response how educated these responses are.- Ionic bonds have many characteristics. They are soluble in water, which of course means it can be dissolved. In a solid state, the ions are held together by electrostatic forces in an ionic lattice- this is where the 3D term comes from. The ions are unable to move freely, so they cannot conduct electricity. In a liquid, or dissolved, state, it is the opposite. The ions are free to move about as they please, conducting electricity. Covalent, or molecular, bonding means the atoms work together hence the prefix co. The atoms share the electrons they possess, rather than taking and/or giving. They act as a team to form a molecule.- Ionic bonding are usually characterized by high melting point, able to shatter, dissolvable and conductors of electricity. They are good conductors of energy because they possess valence electrons.Covalent compounds do not conduct electricity due to the fact that they do not contain ions.- Since ionic compounds are composed of oppositely charged ions, one of their characteristics is high melting and boiling points, due the strong forces of attraction existing between the cations and anions.
Additionally, as the ions are distributed orderly within the ionic compounds, they are crystalline and exhibit characteristic geometrical shapes.
In a solid state, ionic compounds do not conduct electricity. However, they do when exposed to a water solution as the ions become free
On the other hand, covalent compounds typically conduct electricity as they share electrons between atoms. They also have lower melting points than ionic compounds.

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