Describe relationship between social justice, leadership, and communication drawing on themes and citations from our course and describe your own orientation to social change and social justice with these in mind.

How you can contextualize terms like justice and ethics from course content, discussion, and your own life? How are they communicated?
Case Study: Describe, in-depth, the significant person or group you are analyzing.
Who is the person or group and how did they come into focus for you? How did they gain notoriety in their community?
What actions are they engaging in that advance social justice or social change?
Theoretical Lens: Using social change theory &/or a social justice framework, analyze the case study youve chosen. You should include specific details about what kinds of interpersonal, group, relational, or broader dynamics assist to enact leadership for social change and social justice (with citations) as you develop your detailed analysis.
Conclusion: What take-aways do we learn from this case study? What are some of the risks/reward or limit/possibilities of advancing socially just leadership?
Logistics: 12-14 pages; Times New Roman Font; 1-inch margins; at least 2 different course sources cited; at least 5 outside sources cited.

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