Describe some circumstances in which confidential health information may be disclosed without the patient’s consent.

2. Describe the provisions of the HITECH Act and the Red Flags Rule and how they affect health care operations. In additional files I will upload the pages of the book ” The Law of Healthcare Administration” by J. Stuart Showalter discussing the topics which will be used as SOURCE #1. Each question needs 3 sources, 1 sources being the book ^ and the other two external authoritative sources of your choosing.SAMPLE question & answer
According to Marienau and Belshi (2018), choices made on a daily basis while completing rounds must be based on ethical considerations for each patient not just the chart information. Belini et al (1981) state patients require the overriding hand of ethical decisions in all cases (p. 18). Moreover, patients should be treated with civility and kindness as well as consideration of their personal wishes even if those wishes differ from doctors expectations (Mensch, Wiley and Olson, What ethics wants 2011, p. 877). Showalter (The Law of Healthcare Administration, 2017) suggests nurses offer ethical considerations at all times. Finally, Bernstein (2002) argues that modern medicine began with the advent of anesthesia. Therefore, we can conclude that nurses must keep ethical considerations in mind for all decisions regarding patients.
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