Describe some of the approaches that you found and rank them in terms of cheapest to most expensive cost.

Read Chapter 5 : Files, Directories, and the File System
Complete review questions 1, 2, 12, 17, 18 on pages 153-154. and answer these discussion topics:Discussion Topic 1: A hard disk failure can be catastrophic because it is the primary storage media that contains all of our files and work. Yet the hard disk is probably the one item most apt to fail in the computer because of its moving parts. Research different ways to backup or otherwise safeguard your hard disk storage. Discussion Topic 2: In the Windows operating system, the structure of the file system is often hidden from the user by using default storage locations such as My Documents and Desktop. Is this a good or bad approach for an end user who is not very knowledgeable about computers? What about a computer user who is very familiar with the idea of a file system? What are the implications of security breaches on technology adoption. Answer the following questions:1. Are people hesitant to use the Internet or wireless technology for purchases due to security concerns?2. Are people hesitant to use technology because of privacy concerns?3. Are these concerns warranted and are they influenced by age, race, or gender?

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