Describe the childs reactions exactly as they occur to reflect the childs emotional development.

This should include a running record of activities demonstrated by the child as they are occurring. Provide details about the childs physical development and specific physical movements (hands and feet used, walking, running etc.). To focus on language development, the child should be quoted directly. There should be no gaps in activity during the observation. The child should not be sitting on the floor and then be washing his hands, without noting how he moved from one place to another. The observer can only observe one child at a time and should avoid interacting with this child while observing him or her.- the childs social development focusing on all interactions with other children and adults (i.e. siblings, other children, parents, etc.). 4. Show your understanding of the major theories/concepts in developmental psychology that are discussed in the textbook, relating them directly to what was observed. These should address specific areas of development such as physical/motor development, social/emotional development, cognitive, language and literacy development with an interpretation of what has been observed.

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