Describe the connection between the article you selected and what you have learned or know about leadership.

Instructions LP2.2 Assignment: Current Events #1 This assignment will assess competency 2. Describe the relationship of effective goals and organizational plans. Directions: Current events are important events happening in the world concerning people, places, things, and ideas. Watch or read the news this week to select a story that portrays leadership or a leader either famous or not. It may be a local, national, or international story that makes you think about leadership theories, concepts, skills, or traits. Then, including the items below, summarize the article: 1.What was the headline of the story? 2.Discuss the effectiveness of the headline in summarizing the story and/or in grabbing your attention as an article related to leadership. 3.Briefly describe the factual content of the story related to the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How and, overall, how it relates to leadership theories, concepts, skills, or traits. 4.Discerning fake news. Discuss the accuracy of the facts used in the story. How do you know that the sources used were reliable and accurate? Provide examples and/or supporting resources. Summarize the article in a 500-700 word paper. Please use APA format (see resources listed below), cite your article and at least one other scholarly professional source to support your writing. This handout shows you how to narrow your search to scholarly articles in the NAU Online Library.

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