Describe the leadership moment, how you were involved and identify the key elements related to your learning.

Reflective Journal Task: Write a reflective journal consisting of FOUR (4) learning events from your recent past or present leadership experiences in an organisational setting that is formal (eg., work) and/or informal (eg., family, volunteer work, sport/leisure):a) THREE (3) of the FOUR (4) learning events must relate to leadership concepts discussed in the textbook.b) ONE (1) of the FOUR (4) learning events must relate specifically to BUSINESS ETHICS and how it relates to leadership. This is because business graduates should be able to identify and evaluate ethical dilemmas and provide reasoned alternatives for their resolution. c) A reflection of your leadership experience for Assignment Two may be included as ONE of the FOUR learning events.ExplanationFor each learning event ensure that the following steps are incorporated: DESCRIPTION: This description should be a maximum of 150 words. This does not suggest you give a blow by blow account of the event but is more about demonstrating your understanding of what aspects of the event at the time (or upon reflecting on it) was significant for your learning. It is also assessing your ability to summarise an event succinctly and clearly. INSIGHT/ANALYSIS: How does this event relate to a theory/concept related to leadership? Link theory to your event by moving beyond describing or illustrating a concept or theory in the textbooks and academic journals. Demonstrate deeper analysis and internal dialogue about this concept or theory by relating it to other literature, experiences, or contexts. INSIGHT/MEANING: What did you learn as a result of this analysis and reflection? Has your understanding of what occurred during the event changed as a result of reflecting on it, and applying theoretical concepts to it? Has your understanding of theories and concepts of leadership changed as a result of the reflection? IMPLICATIONS/APPLICATION: How has your analysis and reflection created new attitudes and behaviours in you? How has the reflection on action and theory had an impact on your practice of leadership? How did you apply your learning and what were the implications and outcomes of this learning and consequent action?

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