Describe the relationships among the research problem, research questions, and hypotheses as appropriate.

3 Annotated BibliographiesMajor Components of the AnnotationEach annotated bibliography typically includes the following three components: Critical Summary of Article
o Summarize the major themes of the journal article.
o Define the research problem being addressed by the author(s).

Critical Analysis of Research Method
o Comment on whether the author(s) used appropriate research methods to complete the research be specific.
o Describe the specific research methods used go beyond just stating whether a qualitative or quantitative model was used.
o Describe whether the author(s) used a sample and how the sample was determined as appropriate. State whether the sample design was appropriate for the study.
o Describe the variables or functions measured and whether these variables or functions were appropriate for the study.
o Discuss whether the data collection process and analyses were done properly. Reference related statistics, if used in the study.
o Summarize whether the research methods support the conclusions reached by the author(s).
Critical Analysis of the Results and Conclusions
o Summarize the results and conclusions of the article.
o Discuss how these results either support or do not support your research.

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