Describe the work for a class, noting what makes the work characteristic of the period to which it belongs.

#1A: If we are supposed to read Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave as a metaphor, what is the metaphor? What is the cave symbolic of? A place? A state of mind? What about the prisoners? Who are they? And the one who is released, why does he go back in? Feel free to tackle only one of these questions, or a couple, or all. But be specific. Your answer needs to use concrete detail from Plato’s work. #1B: Choose a film or book that you think works as a modern-day retelling of Plato’s The Allegory of the Cave, then explain for a class what makes it so. Include a link to the trailer or a scene if you can. Remember to stay focused on Plato’s Allegory. Don’t just summarize the plot of the film. Make connections between the two, referring to specific scenes in the film/book and in Plato’s Allegory. Also, make sure the film or book is contemporary, from say the past 100 years. #2: Find a work of art that is either from the Classical Period, the Middle Ages, or the Renaissance. You can use this site Another good art web site can be found at DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA. Include a hyper link to the work. It’s better to use a hyper link than to just paste the URL. NOTE: Please read and follow instructions carefully. Please site your references appropriately and use in-text citations in compliance with APA 6th edition style. Above, #2 should be at least 250 wards and #1A + #1B should be at least 300 wards.

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